Personal Digital Diary for Real Estate Agents

Finally! A free app for real estate agent's personal management that you’ll love to use.

Deal Workflow is a swiss army knife for agents: CLEAN & SIMPLE.

Feature List

  • Contact Management

    Manage, search and organize all your contacts.

  • Propertry Management

    Manage all property inventory. Search and organize all your properties inventory on the go.

  • Recommendation Engine

    We provide match-making recommendation engine algorithm which predicts “best-fit matches” between buyer and seller preferences. You can then recommend those properties and make the deal happen.

  • Reminders

    You can set reminders for your follow up with your clients.

  • Push notifications

    The App also has the facility to send automated push notifications to give agents reminders about important deals.

  • Data Security & backup

    We securely placed on the cloud, you ever lose anything.

Application Screenshots

Why have this app?

  • Are your key contacts lost inside your phone?
  • Are you tired of tallying your properties in diaries and spreadsheets?
  • Do you forget to contact your customers when they need you the most?
  • Do you find it difficult to match your buyer and seller needs?
  • Well, then we have a solution for you! Deal Workflow is your own personal digital diary built for real estate agents.
  • This app will not only organize your contacts, properties, and reminders but also bring you automatic suggestions based on your buyer and seller needs.
  • You can manage your entire process from a lead to a successful deal!

Still thinking?

Trust me, You will fall in love after using it!

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